Rancho San Isidro (23,750 acres)

Rancho San Isidro (23,750 acres)

Once a working cattle ranch on part of a 75,000-acre, family-owned property, Rancho San Isidro offers lots of acreage and miles of well-maintained roads. And because hunting has not been allowed on the property for the last 100 years, San Isidro is host to a multitude of large, quality deer with the best possible natural genetics.

Recently at Rancho San Isidro, one hunter was allowed to take one deer. That hunt yielded a 190-class deer. And a very proud hunter.

In addition to multiple ponds and troughs, San Isidro has 2.7 miles of the San Rodrigo river flowing through it. The plentiful water supply makes this ranch a natural attraction for quail, turkey, dove and ducks.

2019/2020 improvements include:

  • 200 miles of improved roads
  • 32 miles of 8-foot-high perimeter game fence
  • 22 planted food plots spread across the ranch
  • 30 in-ground water troughs spread across the entire ranch
  • 15 bentonite-lined water tanks
  • In 2020, three 225-meter water wells were drilled. Three horse power submersible solar pumps along with 8’x40′ solar panel arrays were installed.
  • House pad under construction December 2020
  • Two miles of San Rodrigo River bank have been cleared and manicured
  • December 2020, 3 miles of 8-inch PVC mainline under construction to distribute water across ranch
  • 2021 – 150-acre pivot to be installed
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