1) Is it easy to bring harvested game back to the U.S.?

You can certainly bring back your game across the border. The laws can change from year to year so you should verify info before each hunting season from U.S. wildlife and fisheries. But mounted animals are easier to bring back; all you need is your permit. We get our deer heads mounted in Piedras Negras and our ducks, quail and turkey in Saltillo.

2) If I decide to stay or live on the ranch long-term, do I need a special visa?

No, you don’t need any special visas if you want to stay for an extended period of time in Mexico, because all of our properties are in the frontier zone.

3) If you own the land, do you own the water and mineral rights? 

Currently, no. But the Mexican legislature has just passed a bill through their congress that will offer some mineral rights to land owners. That amount has not been determined yet.

4) How is your relationship with neighboring landowners?

We have a very workable relationship with this close-knit group of friendly, hard-working ranchers and landowners. In fact, we all team up to help each other in time of need. Any purchaser of Stuart Ranches will be in good company with these neighbors.

5) The land is beautiful, but is it safe in this area of Mexico?

Stuart Ranches have been developing this property for more than 6 years with absolutely no concerns or safety issues. Our American neighbors have been in the area for 10 years with no problems. The future looks good, too. The Mexican government will be building a military garrison outside of nearby Piedras Negras, 3 miles away from our nearest ranch and 26 miles from our furthest ranch. Military presence is expected to further strengthen public safety and increase U.S. tourism, thereby helping to provide a boost to the region’s economy. It’s a great time to buy in this area.

6) Is there a good, dependable labor supply that can help maintain the property?

Yes. There are small towns close to all the ranches with ready labor supply.

7) How are guns brought into Mexico?

Guns are brought in for 6 months and at the end of the 6 months they must be brought back across the border for 72 hrs. Then they can be returned for another 6 months.

8) Is there a limit to the number and type of guns that can be brought into Mexico?

Yes. You can bring .38 caliber and lower. One pistol per person (6 months in, 72 hours out) with 100 rounds per gun. You can bring two guns per person, with 100 shells per gun. Shotguns or hunting rifles are allowed. Currently, the fee is $365 for 2 guns (2015).

9) Is there a reputable supplier of ammunition in Mexico and is it expensive? 

There is a supplier of shells in Piedras Negras. They run about $165 per flat, with 10 boxes per case.

10) Can the Mexican Government seize your land?

No, the Mexican government cannot seize your land. There was a law passed by Mexican President Salinas in the 1990s that protects the landowner.

11) Are you allowed to set up diesel and gasoline tanks?

Yes, you are able to have diesel and gasoline tanks and have them filled.

12) Can propane for homes be obtained easily?

Yes, propane can be ordered and delivered to the ranch.

13) How are Mexican taxes levied? 

Land taxes are paid on a yearly basis. The amount is based on the value of the land.

14) How reliable is the electrical power supply?

The power supply is reliable and the power company is quick to respond when notified. But you do need a backup generator to fill in any voids until power can be restored.

15) How do you pay for electricity?

Bi-monthly in Piedras Negras

16) Do river crossings ever get washed out/unable to cross?

No, all river crossings have been made accessible year-round at all of our ranches.

17) Are food and supplies available for purchase nearby or is it necessary to bring them from the States?

We buy all of our supplies in Piedras Negras, Mexico at the nearby H.E.B. Food Store. It has a great selection of all groceries, meats, and fresh vegetables, just like shopping in the USA. Any other supplies or building materials that you need can be found in Piedras as well.

18) Can you bring pets/hunting dogs across the border?

Yes, as long as you have your shot records up to date.

19) Is feed for game readily available?

Yes, it can even be delivered to your ranch if needed.

20) Is wi-fi available?

Yes, there are two ways to get wi-fi on your ranch: via satellite or cellular service.

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